Meet the Team

The Abacus team comprises chiropractic practitioners, offering a wealth of knowledge with after-care advice and guidance. The team approach reflects the McTimoney technique and philosophy of care. The body works as a whole and therefore should be treated as a whole. Practitioners, trained in the latest techniques for specific injuries and pain management, use a skilled ‘hands-on’ approach. Specific arrangements can be made for 1:1 Pilates instruction. All practitioners are fully registered with their respective associations. All Chiropractors are GCC registered.

As the founder of the Abacus Clinic, with a 40 year career in the Health care sector, primarily with pregnant women, babies and children, Deirdre believes every child should be given the opportunity to reach their optimum potential. With five years research culminating in two published papers, she advocates early assessment, treatment where necessary and guidelines for care. Deirdre attained a combined Nursing degree and Health Visitor’s certificate before re-training as a Chiropractor. As an experienced lecturer and expert advisor/examiner in Paediatrics for several academic institutes such as the McTimoney College of Chiropractic and the Royal College of Chiropractors. Registered with the GCC, she is a Fellow of both the Paediatrics Faculty of the Royal College of Chiropractors and the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and has also gained an Award for Outstanding Achievement by the McTimoney Chiropractic College.
Deirdre presents the findings of her research at national & international level, advocating early assessment to ensure movement is balanced and appropriate for every baby, and child. Engaging & encouraging Parents to assist with their child’s developmental stages, through balanced Nutrition, Movement and sleep Deirdre believes sleep is paramount for optimum development.
Deirdre has for the past ten years provided clinical teaching, for skills enhancement and transference. The team in addition; have ensured their attendance at National & International Conferences for Continuing Professional Development. Deirdre confidence in the team enabled retirement from official clinics at the start of 2019 to focus on her research, educational work, and writing.
Tamzin Blinkhorn joined the Abacus team in 2007 with a first-class degree, and two additional awards. Her interest in McTimoney chiropractic started as a teenager. An avid horse rider, she received treatment that made a massive difference to her eventing performance.
Tamzin is a member of the paediatric faculty of the Royal College of Chiropractors and is a Fellow of McTimoney Chiropractic Association, having held an executive position in the latter. Tamzin treats all the family from new-borns to the third generation and firmly believes that chiropractic is more than simply adjusting joints. The balance between their skeletal, muscular and nervous systems is what allows us all to thrive, live, work and play well.
She has supplemented her experience and joy of treating babies and children, gained alongside Deirdre in the children’s clinic, by participating in a continuing series of seminars on paediatric development and chiropractic examination and treatment.
Priya has been working with the Abacus team for 3 years. Upon completion of the integrated Masters in Chiropractic at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic Priya was delighted when invited to join the team on a permanent basis. Priya has particular interests in how Chiropractic care can promote the development of babies and children and also the benefits of receiving Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. She enjoys seeing the many generations of family’s that visit the clinic.
Chiropractic care from a young age sparked her desire to embark on a career in Chiropractic. Her passion to work with the human body was also enhanced by her 20 years of experience participating in dance and movement classes such as ballet, tap and contemporary jazz. She completed the National Diploma program in Dance and Musical Theatre at Bodywork Company Dance Studios in Cambridge and also completed an internship at the Broadway Dance Centre in New York; these experiences have helped her develop an understanding of the importance of balance, coordination and core strength in movement, necessities in the rehabilitation of patients. Priya utilizes these experiences in her daily practice in clinic when treating and advising her patients.
Priya has undertaken postgraduate training courses specific to pregnancy and babies and children provided by the Royal College of Chiropractors and the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association.
Kay has been a member of the Abacus team since qualifying in May 2007. He has always been active and interested in sports and has taken part in a good variety of activities. He sailed in a Danish Sailing championship in a Danish built 33ft vessel. Loves to ski and has played football and participated in display gymnastics. He originally came to England to study for a BA (hons) in Dance performance and also secured a scholarship from the London Contemporary Dance School to study in the USA.

He supported his chiropractic studies through a Diploma in Personal Training and discovered the value of Pilates as part of his own rehabilitation to build his strength and enable his return to work after a riding accident severely injured his back. Kay utilises both his chiropractic and personal training skills to help patients with sports injuries and has recently completed further training for the application of Kinesiology Tape.

Kay has been immersed in further studies in functional neurology to enhance his knowledge in how Chiropractic effects change in the nervous system and in diagnosis and remedy for dysfunctional movement. Kay has attended Pregnancy Post Graduate courses to ensure his skill base reflects evidence informed decisions when treating pregnant women. He also has studied

Given more time he would like to learn tennis and Tai Chi but currently spends more time living vicariously through an active daughter and walking the dog.

Claire originally came to the clinic in 2008 for assistance with her first-born baby girl, who was struggling with feeding & sleeping. Claire was converted to the potential of Chiropractic. Following the birth of her second daughter, she enrolled on the McTimoney Pathway & then the Masters degree programme in Chiropractic. Claire, a Nursery Nurse of many years, found Chiropractic both exciting & fuelled her understanding of the Human Potential. Claire shadowed Deirdre & Katie in clinics over 5 years, to ensure depth of learning. During Claire’s Chiropractic journey her third daughter arrived, completing her family. A well-adjusted little girl we say! She graduated with a Masters degree in Chiropractic from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in 2017, and became a member of the Mctimoney Chiropractic Association. Since then she has undertaken postgraduate training with the Royal College of Chiropractors to further her knowledge, with her fundamental interest being breast feeding & tongue tie problems. Claire has a special interest in providing chiropractic care for children and women throughout pregnancy. A welcome addition to the team