Our approach

Abacus Clinic provides a range of care to help babies, children, teenagers and adults including those in the ‘fast lane’ of life, the retired and the elderly, with the most effective treatment plan.

Deirdre Edwards, with 35 years in healthcare, wanted to build a team to help families. The Abacus Clinic was developed to provide just that.

We have a dynamic team of qualified practitioners dedicated to helping individuals to achieve their best.

All treatments are conducted in partnership with the patient. The first consultation paves the way for an interactive patient-practitioner partnership.

our approach

What to expect

Adult clinic

adult approach

On your first visit, you will be asked to complete a general health questionnaire. Please bring along details of any medication you are taking. After examination involving orthopaedic and neurological tests, an analysis of your alignment and posture, and muscle function, your chiropractor will outline a suggested treatment plan.

In some instances you may need to remove outer clothing. We have modesty gowns and all treatments are carried out in individual private rooms.

After-care guidelines may include stretches, exercises and advice on posture. Recommendations may include drinking water and avoiding heavy lifting or sports activities immediately following treatment to aid recovery.

If you are covered by health insurance it is best to check with your insurance provider before beginning a course of treatment. We can provide a receipt for payment for you to send to your insurance company.

Baby and child clinic

our approach

Parents will be asked to complete a pre-treatment questionnaire which covers pregnancy and birth issues, including any medication your child may be taking.

You are advised to bring a feed or drink, with a change of nappy, if appropriate. We advise avoiding a full feed prior to treatment as feeding during treatment is sometimes necessary.

Age appropriate assessment, neurological and orthopaedic tests are carried out.
A treatment plan will be explained before seeking your agreement to treat your baby/child.

You will be given after-care guidelines relevant to your child.

The Children’s Clinic – Parents have suggested they have received help in many of the following areas:

  • Sleep
  • Feeding
  • Behaviour
  • Development Enhancement
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Speech
  • Fewer infections
  • Confidence
  • Happier / Reduced anger & aggression
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