What can I expect on my first visit?

The first visit takes approximately one hour. During this time your chiropractor will discuss the issue that has brought you into the clinic, along with any previous illnesses or conditions. The chiropractor needs to gain an understanding of your overall health and how you are using your body on a daily basis. If you are on any medications it would be helpful if you could bring a list to the appointment also. Your chiropractor will then perform a series of neurologic and orthopaedic assessments to ascertain how your musculoskeletal system moves and your nervous system is functioning, detect whether further referral is indicated, and whether chiropractic care would be suitable. Before your treatment starts your chiropractor will talk through the results of the examination and the proposed treatment plan, allowing you to ask any further questions and decide if you want to proceed with the treatment. You may be required to remove some outer layers of clothing; a gown will always be provided, if you would feel more comfortable, you are more than welcome to bring shorts and a vest. You may be asked to complete a pre-treatment questionnaire which helps to inform the chiropractor about your health, or your child’s health. Abacus adheres to GDPR requirements, copies of the policies are available in clinic.
If you are unsure if chiropractic care is suitable for you, the clinic offers a free postural assessment where the chiropractor will make a short assessment and talk through how chiropractic care may help. If for some reason the chiropractor does not feel that they are able to help you, with your permission, they will refer you to someone who may be able to assist you further. Feel free to call on 01789 294313 to make an appointment.