Children and Teens

Football, rugby, ballet, trampolining and swimming. Activities our children love to do! Coupled with rapid growth spurts, slips, trips and falls in the playground and more recently the use of tablets, game consoles and mobile phones all of which impact our children’s body’s and health. Just as with adults children can experience neck pain, back pain and even headaches. These may be caused by postural imbalances (that often imitate their parents!).

Imbalances in a child’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems can also present themselves as behaviours such as an inability to sleep, poor balance and coordination, and an overall sense of clumsiness. An increasing number of families are turning to Chiropractors to help support their children’s growth and development. Our team of dedicated Chiropractors are on hand to assess your children’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems, adjust where necessary and offer exercises and stretches to promote optimum function in their daily life.

Treating Children with Sports Injuries
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