Midwifery Journal Articles Published – Abacus is proud to celebrate the publication of two articles in the MIDIRS Midwifery Journal.

Sleep impacts development. Sleep is essential for cellular regeneration and growth and development.

Pain disrupts sleep, and this discomfort can be a direct result of a birth trauma unique to each child.

As the research has highlighted infants and children wake in pain, simple assessment can highlight a limited range of movement in an infant, or head held to one side, discomfort noted at feeding and/or during changing procedures.

The summary of the past six years evidence shows early intervention has a positive response.

Observation can isolate the primary problem. With careful explanation, treatment plan and after care guidelines; the evidence suggests optimum outcome.

Original research article was published in MIDIRS- Midwifery Journal September 2010. Second Article was published in MIDIRS Midwifery Journal March 2011

Read the abstract here (https://insights.ovid.com/midirs-midwifery-digest/mmwd/2010/09/000/benefits-chiropractic-intervention-babies-sleep/30/00115386 insert hyperlink here)

Since then, research has continued into sleep patterns and development in children. More in the wings as the research develops.